Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Asthma | Does the colder weather trigger you?

If you are like me, the winter months and the plummeting temperatures can trigger my asthma symptoms, also unfortunately it is flu season as well, but I have written a post on that already.

It is important to take a strong view on bugs, I know it sounds obvious, but try not to be sneezed upon, purposely stay away from friends that are coughing or snivelling, and if you need to blow your nose, then wash your hands afterwards.
I always carry a little bottle of hand gel in my bag, in case I cannot get to a basin to wash my hands, if that is the case, then I make sure that I keep my hands away from my face,eyes and mouth in particular.

 Another thing I like to keep an eye on is my diet, I try not to eat foods that will give me indigestion,  as sometimes stomach acids can irritate your airways and exacerbate your symptoms, always talk with your Asthma advisor or talk to the people at Asthma UK.
If I eat when I am out, I make sure it is food that I can use cutlery for, no fast food that I have to use my hands for.
Keep yourself hydrated, it is just as important in the winter months as it is in summer and try to keep off processed foods and eat healthy. Do not skimp on the sleep and try to take some exercise, just take precautions if exercise exacerbates your symptoms.

I ALWAYS wear a scarf, as the cold air going into my 'pipes' breathing in the cold air can trigger asthma symptoms, so breathing thorough a scarf can take the edge off the chill.

I have been known to have several on, a woollen one to keep my neck warm and one that encircles my neck so I can bring it up to my face if necessary, almost like a face mask.

One last thing to check is your inhaler technique, I know form personal experience that after a number of years, it can get sloppy, here is a page that is useful for re evaluation of your your technique.

I use a spacer, so this is a very helpful video, but YouTube is full of informative videos, for whatever device you use.

I hope that, this has been helpful and not teaching you to suck eggs!

Hope you have a great day and a healthy winter!

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