Sunday, 29 October 2017

What I am stocking up up in for the Flu season!

It is this time of year again, the sun has gone, the leaves are falling and the temperatures are rapidly declining.
As an Asthmatic, I always get a flu jab, my GP practice provide this for me, you can enquire at yours, if you are interested.
My local chemist provide this service too, but I think you have to pay for it. Whether you believe in Vaccinations, it is your own choice, I do, therefore, I make sure my family get one too.

Because I cannot take over the counter cold and flu remedies, I like to look towards other areas that can make me feel a little more human.

C.O Bigelow cold and flu bath soak, this soothes aches and pains and eases congestion, with Eucalyptus, Peppermint,Willow Bark Echinacea and Ginger.

This turns the bath water blue, but do not worry, you do not come out a smurf!  ..well actually..... I would love to visit smurfland!

This is a tad pricey, so if your budget does not stretch that far then KNEIPP EUCALYPTUS COLD SEASON BATH SALTS are alot cheaper. 

If you have an essential oil burner, then some Eucalyptus oil is handy to burn as ...
 Eucalyptus is one of the best oils to use during colds, flu’s and other infections. Use it in a steam inhalation to relieve congestion during a cold or a sinus infection, or a sore throat. Eucalyptus oil is also antiviral and antibacterial, and helps to fight the cold virus. Burn a few drops of Eucalyptus in an essential oil burner during the flu season.
As with all Essential oil, read the instructions and make sure you are using them correctly. I always buy TISSERAND, never had a problem with any of their products, so I stay with what I know.

I always try to stock up in PARACETAMOL, as this is an effective way of reducing temperatures and soft tissues, the KLEENEX BALSAM are my favourite.
I always have a stock of soft handkerchiefs in as well, in case I want a change from a tissue.

Vicks VapoRub is a firm favourite too, I do not think it is the same as the one you could buy years ago, but it still can be effective, I prefer rubbing it on my back, but it does make a mess of your jammies!

Can anyone remember the old fashioned night burner ( I am going back quite a while!) where you had this silver oil burner and you place a tea light in it, so it gently released the solution during the night, I remember as a child, I used to find the flickering of the candle quite comforting and watching it used to make me drowsy, thus helping me sleep- alas they do not make it anymore ...sigh

I am a firm believer in hand washing as well I do not use gels as a short cut to this, they are handy in some circumstances, but it will never replace hand washing in my house!

I get a pot of Honey in, the runny type, even though I cannot stand the stuff, it is good for sore throats, but sometimes I think I would rather suffer the sore throat, than reach everytime I smell the darn stuff!!:P

 Warm jammies, lots of my favourite films, plenty of water to drink and rest, but I have always got those in stock !

One thing that I do always have in the house is DETTOL WIPES as I like to go around the house post cold ( and during, especially if sneezing everywhere) as the makers say that ...

Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser kills 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, MRSA and the flu virus.

I think I have covered everything, I am sure there are things that you like to do or stock up on, but I thought I would share with you mine.

I shall go now and leave you lovely people, until next time!




CO Bigelow 

Vicks and kleenex from any supermarket or chemist

Bye for now and have a cold free winter!

Julie :)

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  1. What is more soothing than vapo-rub? Nothing! lol