Thursday, 26 October 2017

Freaking Love this! | Oskia | Renaissance Mask

Blurb -
With MSM, Passion Fruit, Grape, Lemon & Grapefruit AHA's, Papaya Enzymes, Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes, Prebiotics, Ribose & Butterbur.

For all skin types
For immediate spa facial results and long term anti-ageing & brightening. Designed to increase cell turnover, boost radiance and packed with OSKIA’s trademark blend of beauty-boosting nutrients, this luxuriously-textured exfoliating mask leaves the complexion smoother, more refined and illuminated. Our testing panel thought its natural perfume so delicious they wanted to eat it! Suitable for all skin types and with a fresh aromatic scent combining rose, passion fruit and chamomile, all organically certified, OSKIA’s Renaissance Mask works hard to remove tired skin cells and boost cell regeneration and ATP energy without aggressively stripping the top layers of the epidermis. Pink initially, the luxurious and uniquely textured cream turns white once properly massaged into the skin, helping clients know when it’s been applied effectively.
I have been trying this mask now for a good month or so, I have been using this twice a week, and I have to say, that I am really happy with this, combined with the cleanser, it makes for a happy face!

If you have a keen sense of smell, then you might think it smells a tad 'weird', that's the only word that came to mind when thought how to explain it, I have to say that the more you use it, the less you seem to mind it.

As you can see, it is a beautiful pinkish colour, the texture is smooth, yet quite thick and holds it shape, I use the provided spatula to scoop out, no finger dipping in this mask!

It is quite interesting, because, when you have applied, and smoothed in, it turns white and this according to the makers, is when the mask starts to work and you know that you have applied it correctly.
I tend to do things when I have a mask on, like writing my blog or washing up for example so time does seem to fly by and it is left on for longer than the suggested 10 - 20 mins will no ill effect.
When it comes to taking it off, I always splash my face with some luke warm water and give myself a little massage and the mask turns a little milky, then I rinse off with a flannel or muslin cloth making sure that all of the mask is taken off.

Final Thoughts -

I bought this because I had read alot of positive talk about it and had seen it pop up everywhere, so had to try it, just in case I was indeed missing out on a potential holy grail product.
I do like this and will most defiantly be buying another pot when this runs out, as you can see, I am 'hitting pan' as it were

I thought the smell of it was going to be an issue ( I have a very keen sense of smell) BUT it works and makes my skin feel soft, and it looks fresh and clean afterwards, so I put up with it. My mum actually likes the smell, so its just me obviously!

Oskia is defiantly a brand that I wish to investigate more, and its British .. yaay, go us!

It comes in a 50 ML jar and sets you back a cool £49.50
If you would like to know more about Oskia click here and it will take you to the web page and you can read to your hearts content.

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